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Patapsco High School & Center for the Arts

Lesson Plan for: Tuesday, 4/05/11

Topic/Title: Emotional Rollarcoaster

Grade/Class/Level: Multimedia II/III

Interdisciplinary/Cultural Connections:


Declarative Knowledge:

(facts, concepts, knowledge, vocab.)

Over 50% of human communication is a result of body language


Procedural Knowledge:

(skills, procedures)

Students will be able to create a character study.





Flash CS3



Max Escher, Sad Flower Sack

Toothless Flash Collection by tribute27





Lesson Objective:

- Students will create a character for their final animation.

- Students will create an expression study of that character with at least 6 expressions

- Students will put their character in an animated short to depict that character acting happy, or sad.



Drill: Look at your face in a mirror, or turn off the computer screen, and look at your reflection. Make a happy face, a sad face, or a completely silly face! What muscles do you need to move to make those emotions come out?



Looking back at our drill on 3/22 “What types kinds of gestures define you as an individual?” how do we move to show emotion. Over 50% of human communication is a result of body language.


- google.com/motion

- Toothless Flash Collection by Tribute

- Sad Flower Sack by Max Escher



Students will take the day to work out the details to one of their animation characters.

- Using illustrator, flash, or a sketchbook, students will create a study of their character in 6 different states

- Students will show their character’s body language through a short animation depicting the character happy or sad.



- Students will be assessed on the drill (20pts per week), and the completion of the assignments.


Adaptations: Students who require more time to work on this assignment are welcome to continue over to the next class day, which is a workday. Students who finish work early may continue on their final ov


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.