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Patapsco High School & Center for the Arts

Lesson Plan for: Monday 4/4/11

Topic/Title: Narrative Brainstorming

Grade/Class/Level: Multimedia II/III


Declarative Knowledge:

(facts, concepts, knowledge, vocab.)

Students will continue their study of narrative and creating an engaging story.


Procedural Knowledge:

(skills, procedures)

Students will use brainstorming techniques to explore the options they have in choosing a narrative for their final.



Class handout

Computers Flash.



Animator vs Animation II by alanbecker

Greek Mythology by Tom Kyzivat

A Short Story music by ArtBIT




Lesson Objective:

1.  Students will select a subject for their final project.

2.  Students will begin to construct a narrative around the subject of their animation.

  • Students will use the web or library to research the subject/similar narratives of their animation.
  • Students will begin to create a written script of their narrative.
  • Students will begin to create a storyboard for their animation.


Drill: Lets turn into bookworms, what are some of your favorite books you have read in the past few years? List at least 5 examples and what drew you to those stories?


Guiding Question:

  • What is a narrative? What makes a story believable/captivating/engaging?
  • What does a character need in order to be believable/captivating/engaging?
  • Does a character need to show these “attributes,” how might you go about that?

As the teacher asks and responds to the guiding questions, the teacher will show exemplars.


Introduce final project (must provide handout). Final Due: 4/15/11


- School Appropriate: it’s not a matter of censorship, but a matter of using the right vocabulary in the right setting.

- Must be 1 minute 30 seconds long, at no lower than 12fps.

- Must include an interactive element

- Animations: stop, and play buttons,

- Interactive narratives: a way to navigate the narrative.

- Must include some form of sound

- Must have a title screen and a credit screen.



Brainstorming Activity: What is the subject of your final animation?

  • Types of brainstorming which could be done:

-   Create a list of nouns, a list of adjectives, combine them together, and delete unwanted combinations to come to one choice

-   Ask 3+ prompt questions that must be answered within a narrative.

  1. What is a life lesson you would have liked to tell your past self would you have had the chance? Tell yourself visually in an animation/interactive
  2. Do you have a funny story, true or fiction you like to tell your friends? Tell it visually in an animation/interactive
  3. What is your favorite song as of today? Try to depict the meanings/themes in the song without using the song, in an animation/interactive
  4. What is a subject or theme you felt never could fit in a single image? Could it work as an animation or interactive? Do it!
  5. Re-tell a classic story of fairy tail (ie. Greek mythology, Brother’s Grimm)

Story and storyboarding

Begin to write a script and/or a storyboard for you animation.



Students will be assessed on the completion of the drill, and the brainstorming activity.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.