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Update for Shana R. Goetsch


Collected Voices


Throughout the months of April and May, the House Of Ruth Maryland residents had their artwork on display at Jubilee Arts! It was a great opportunity to showcase their creative work in Jubilee's window display, located on the very busy and historic Pennsylvania Avenue in Baltimore. Additionally, eight public workshops were facilitated at Jubilee Arts. Each of these free workshops addressed one of the two exhibition themes, "dreams" and "safe spaces". Participants continuously responded to the shelter residents' artwork each week, both in concept and materials used.

Both of these exhibitions were designed to help create awareness about the effects of domestic violence in our communities.



Check out this flickr set of photos taken at the exhibitions!



FYI: The residents' framed/mounted artwork is available for purchase, all proceeds benefitting the Arts Program at House Of Ruth Maryland. For more information on these affordable and adorable pieces (see an example below), please contact me at shanagoetsch@yahoo.com. You can check out all of the available pieces at this link.




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.