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March Highlight: Sarah Blosser at Baltimore Clayworks

March at Baltimore Clayworks marked the end of the celebration of Clayworks 30th year with a culminating exhibition: Transcending Integration.  As Baltimore Clayworks has been a steadfast part of the cultural fabric of Baltimore for 30 years, the entire Clayworks community was called to reflect on what exactly that means; to the organization, to the individuals who work for and benefit from Clayworks as an organization, and what that means to the greater community of Baltimore.


"Transcending Integration is an exhibition that will stimulate thought and discussion in our community by exploring the nuances of race and culture and their impact on the work of established and emerging African American ceramic artists." (baltimoreclayworks.org )


The exhibition is curated by Lydia Thompson, a highly respected ceramic sculptor and Department Head in the Department of Art at Mississippi State University.  Curator Lydia Thompson sought to have artists reflect on the idea of integration and what having one's sense of self be "integrated" means; "...based on her belief that for many years racial integration was a highly sought commodity: more than acceptance or inclusion, integration implied recognition." (baltimoreclayworks.org). 


View the exhibition online! Transcending Integration


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.