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 MICA PLACE - Programs Linking Art Culture and Education 

MICA PLACE is Maryland Institute College of Art’s newest hub for community-centered art and design. A physical space for art students and community partners to work together toward common goals, MICA PLACE builds upon the College’s decade of leadership in community-engaged education. MICA PLACE intends to serve three primary functions.

  • House and support the development of three community centered graduate programs (Master of Art in Community Arts, Master of Fine Art in Community Arts, and Master of Art in Social Design)
  • Provide “incubator” space for the creation of community based collaborations that engage research, art, and design to contribute to positive solutions, and social change
  • Provide live/work space for graduate students from Colleges throughout the region who are interested in fostering community leadership and contributing to community change.

Located in East Baltimore—its focus is local and global.

Because MICA PLACE is a brand new entity, the possibilities for programming are both endless and, to a degree, unknown. The nature of community-centered programming dictates that the work emerges over time through a process of engagement between and among students, faculty, residents, and partners.  Projects are collaborative in nature, engage diverse populations, seek to address an issues of social justice, and use art or design as the primary vehicle of exploration and expression.


MICA PLACE in the news

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Anne Kotleba, MACA student, is working with a current MFA/CA student, Natalie Tranelli out of MICA PLACE.  They have developed a Youth Arts Leadership group that is comprised of young people culled from East Baltimore youth organizations and show a special interest in the arts.  Some partner organizations include: The Club at Collington Square, Finding Our Wings, The Julie Center and more.   The youth will be working in a storytelling project this semester to relay the collective story of East Baltimore as seen through the eyes, and lens, of the young people. Anne and Natalie, along with a team of young adult leaders, teach the youth photography, public speaking and interview skills as they travel the community collecting stories.  

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.