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MACA '11 Student Work Travels to Dance Exchange for Open House / Art Opening


The art work of Alexis Iammarino and Jessica Wyatt seen through the dance studio at Dance Exchange.

I,  Alexis Iammarino, am serving my AmeriCorps residency with Liz Lerman Dance Exchange (LLDE) in Takoma Park, Maryland. In the month of December I installed an art show at Dance Exchange with the work from members of our MACA class.


John Borstel, the Humanities Director, invited us to share the work of our group to highlight the MACA / LLDE partnership and celebrate / show what we make. I coordinated collecting, transporting, and the installation of my classmates' work as part of Dance Exchange's open house on December 13th, 7:00-9:00. 


Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, founded in 1976, is a professional company of dance artists that creates, performs, teaches, and engages people in making art. Since its founding in September 1976, Liz Lerman Dance Exchange has produced more than 100 innovative dance/theatre works, presented thousands of performances and conducted innumerable community encounters.


 Installation at Dance Exchange, early December


 Dance Exchange company member Sarah Levitt and the audience.


 Performances by DC and other local companies.



 OMG, Acrylic paint on canvas 

"This piece is a reflection of her time facilitating with the Youth Dreamers' Summer Institute in Baltimore.  Anne was inspired by the positive energy of the Youth Dreamers and commitment to one another."  Anne Kotleba,  2010


 Members of Urban Artistry performed, based in Silver Spring, Maryland.


"Urban Artistry's core group consists of an international collective of artists, dancers, orators, designers, vocalists, musicians, photographers and educators, who remain focused on the authentic and complete representation of urban dance genres. They include (but are not limited to): B-Boying / B-Girling , Popping, Locking, Hip –Hop, House Dance, Waacking, and Vogue. Although the members of Urban Artistry are strongly diverse in their education of the urban arts, they remain humble understanding that they are merely shadows of many legends who paved a path through their celebration of the African, Latin, Happy Feet, Lindy, Caribbean Movement, Martial Arts and American Social Dances that have influenced the movement now referred to as Urban Dance."


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Continuum, intuitive watercolor paintings by Shana R. Goetsch


For years, the circle has meant everything, and nothing to me, all at once. It is a
paradoxical shape, at the very least, but it is the one shape that seems to make the most sense. Circles are synonymous with perfection, and flaws in those perfect facades can only add layers of meaning to their simple shape. The circle is a single tension that holds countless other tensions; it alludes to life, the human body, nature, and religion. It is the primary muse for the creation of my ongoing, abstract, watercolor series. Whether the circle ultimately represents a mania, or a calming agent within me, I have always returned to my center.


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CreativeRoots: Are You Creative?...The Answer Is Yes!, celluclay and spray paint on a wire mesh infrastructure and fabric marker on muslin by Sarah Blosser.


Visitors to the Open house responded to following statement:

"I believe that creativity is an innate ability that ALL humans possess. Sadly, many deny or dismiss their own creativity due to limits and ideals that society has imposed upon them. Please join this exploration and reclamation of innate human creativity! Using the markers and fabric strips provided, write down your own every day creative act and tie it to one of the roots. Thank You!"

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The opening. Up high on the walls is one of Alexis' paintings and a large monoprint made by Alexis and Anne.

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