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Sarah J. Blosser is working with Baltimore Clayworks in Mount Washington, Baltimore, MD as well as at Baltimore Clayworks satellite studio at Jubilee Arts.



Baltimore Clayworks community arts program has been one of its signature programs for more than eighteen years. Through this initiative, Clayworks conducts arts activities beyond its doors, developing collaborations with grassroots and cultural organizations, schools and public agencies, to connect Clayworks' artists with individuals of marginalized communities of Baltimore and providing access to quality hands-on arts programming.


MACA/CAC Job Responsibilities


Baltimore Clayworks Community Arts Teaching Artist: responsible for 1-3 ongoing community clay programs at satellite studio and/or contract sites in community weekly. Constituents include youth, adults and seniors. Number of classes a week flexible depending on AmeriCorps member’s teaching experience and schedule. MACA/CAC member may start assisting teachers and work their way up to becoming a lead teacher.

MACA/CAC members encouraged to create unique curriculum/projects for their programs at Clayworks and/or write a $500 MICA grant for a community project.  


Community Arts Gallery Manager and Curator: in charge of the physical aspects of gallery turnover every 6-week cycle and in addition, concept, design and the facilitation of shows through community arts teacher contact and planning. Works collaboratively with Co-Directors and teaching artists to plan and execute exhibitions.


Community Arts Administrator: to assist with administrative duties including taking and processing registrations for classes, contacting participants and teachers, creating program schedules, lesson planning/collaboration with co-teacher, departmental marketing, grant writing, project planning, gallery planning/installing, supply inventory, studio maintenance, brochure design and distribution, community organizing/attending community association meetings, evaluation etc.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.