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MICA YPS (Young Peoples Studios) Summer Art Camp

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"Drawing, Stories, Pictures, and Words"

Grades 3-5

July 19-30th, 2010

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"See My Story" Wordless Storybooks

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In this course, students develop story lines with vivid special effects and action sequences that encourage the viewer to visualize what might happen next.  It is this anticipated image that students envision and create, as they become storytellers. Students look at and analyze the narrative works of contemporary illustrators to discover the relationship between the written copy and illustration. A variety of sources are used as reference in developing ideas. These include myths, folk tales, photos and  images, special personal and memorable events, as well as narrative works by master artists. 


Date: Monday, July 19

Title of lesson: A Picture is Worth One Word



Students will choose an adjective or verb to visually represent through an illustration incorporating the word into the image. They will portray the meaning of their chosen word through pictures that incorporate the lines used to create each letter. 


Theme: illustrating an adjective or verb

Media: watercolor and markers



Date: Tuesday, July 20

Title of lesson: Before, During and After



Students will use photos and magazine image cutouts along with drawn images to create a sequential story line in a constructed accordion book. They will illustrate what happened before, during, and after the found images of their choice. We will have class games to foster the creative process of storytelling.  


Theme: creating a sequential story line in an accordion book

Media: photos and images, colored pencils


Date: Wednesday, July 21 – Friday, July 23

Title of lesson: See My Story



Using a story of a significant event in their lives students will create a wordless storybook that emphasizes the visual aspects of that event. By only using sepia ink students are able to concentrate on the essential imagery needed to tell their story. They will create a hardbound book that will hold their story so it may last for years to come.


Theme: storyboards and bookmaking

Media: sepia ink, bookmaking materials



Date: Monday, July 26

Title of lesson: Back In Time: Painting a Cave



In a cave-like atmosphere students will go back in time to learn about the history of cave painting in various eras and cultures and the use of symbols and simple imagery to tell stories. In this cave of a classroom we will have a wall where students will collectively tell a story with paint, creating a cave mural in the fashion of ancient artists. 


Theme: collective cave mural

Media: tempera paint 



Date: Tuesday, July 27

Title of lesson: Flip It!



In order to further understand the importance of sequential imagery to a story’s meaning, students will create their own sequence of events in a pre-fabricated flip book. They will have to think about slowing time down to capture movement in still imagery. 


Theme: flip books

Media: colored pencils



Date: Wednesday, July 28 – Thursday, July 29

Title of lesson: My Own Storyteller



Often times storytellers are the most vital part of how a story is told and passed along. Students will learn about types of storytellers from different cultures. They will then construct a storyteller sculpture using found objects, styrofoam balls, and wire, among other options. Students will then draw a visual of the story their sculpture would be telling. Don’t miss the circle of storytellers at the final show!


Theme: constructing a storyteller

Media: found objects, styrofoam balls, wire, paint



Date: Thursday, July 29 - Friday, July 30      

Title of lesson: Create Your Own Album Cover



As an ongoing project throughout the two weeks students will take their favorite song and create an album cover based on the lyrics of the song. They will think about how music is represented and translated visually. Once the design is finished each student will have a CD case to display his or her original album cover.


Theme: album cover design

Media: whatever you want!

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