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MICA YPS (Young Peoples Studios) Summer Art Camp

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"Build It! Constructing Artistic Sculpture"

Grades 1-3

June 13-17th, 2011

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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

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Do you have a knack for putting together unusual materials to create interesting three-dimensional objects? In this hands-on, multi-media sculpture course, students use additive techniques to attach, glue twist, stack, tie, dangle and arrange as they explore the ways varied materials can be combined to create expressive forms that may be artful, functional or both. Materials such as found objects, wood, paper, and board are used for construction of these innovative sculptures, then they embellished with a variety of materials. Students are encouraged to use their artful thinking to find and bring in interesting objects and materials for use in this course. 



Date: June 13th

Title of lesson: On the Land


Objectives: Students will learn how to mold and construct an armature out of tin foil to create an animal found on land. Continuing their papier mache explorations, students will cover their armatures with the colors of their animal. Students will also learn how to manipulate a simple brown paper bag into an exciting and unique tree to accompany their animal sculpture.


Theme: The Land

Media: Papier Mache, construction paper, tin foil and paper bags



Date: June 14th

Title of lesson: In the Air


Objectives: Students will learn how to construct a round papier mache structure using balloons and tissue paper which they will turn into a hot air balloon. They will make a basket out of cardboard to attach to the hot air balloon with dowel rods. Students will then sculpt a model magic figure that will ride in the basket of their hot air balloon.


Theme: The Air

Media: Papier Mache with balloons and tissue paper, cardboard, and model magic



Date: June 15th

Title of lesson: In the Sea


Objectives: Students will look at a variety of fish to learn about their different shapes, colors, and sizes. They will create their own fish out of recycled water bottles using tissue paper to create their fish’s tails and scales. They will use embellishing materials to put the finishing touches on the fanciest fish in the sea. 


Theme: The Sea

Media: Recycled water bottles, tissue paper, embellishing materials, and glue



Date: June 16th

Title of lesson: In Space


Objectives: Just because the space program has been stopped in the U.S. doesn’t mean students can’t still explore space! Students will use recycled materials to construct a space vessel to explore the outer reaches of the universe. They’ll have to make decisions about the purpose of the vessel and how the function will affect the form.


Theme: Space

Media: Recycled materials, hot glue, and paint



Date: June 17th

Title of lesson: Final Show


Objectives: Students will use this day to put finishing touches on all projects and get their work set up for display in the final art show. 

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