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Kristin Stabin: Artist Statement



Cloaked Poise


Cloaked: something serving to hide or disguise something

Poise: composure and dignity of matter, balance, collected


Cloaked Poise is an anagram for kaleidoscope, when you rearrange the letters within kaleidoscope one of possible combinations becomes “cloaked poise”. This title refers to how my artworks disguise the original image used and unbalance the meaning of the object or place being represented.



I developed the idea for this series of work/method of working while I was in Italy my Fall 2008 semester. Traveling throughout Europe to places I had never been I took thousands of pictures of everything and everywhere we went. These pictures became the subject of my art. My pieces consist of reassembling these images into kaleidoscopic patterns through digital collage. These new images create an overall pattern where the original photo and subject matter is completely unrecognizable. I have since continued this series using other photographs from places I have been. My art focuses on repetition, pattern, texture, color, and making the recognizable unrecognized. 


All of the images I use have been photographed by me and range from textural surfaces, to landscapes, to snapshots of everyday life. I use photoshop to drastically alter these images. I first select a small section from the photo, remove it and form a new image using only this section of the photo multiplied and flipped. This technique creates a tessellated image reminding one of something seen while looking through a kaleidoscope. The end composition becomes an overall pattern, though the original photo is completely unrecognizable. 


Through this manipulation I am giving an ordinary image previously unseen beauty. Through color, texture, and pattern these new images disguise the conventionality of a recognizable image with the abstract.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.