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MICA YPS (Young Peoples Studios) Summer Art Camp

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"Art Inspired By My Neighborhood"

Grades 1-3

June 13-17th, 2011

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"Oh The Places We Will Go" Collaborative Mural

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In this course students will explore what makes up a neighborhood; the important places, people, feelings that come from their own neighborhoods and their imagined neighborhoods. Students will construct artwork inspired by and about these neighborhoods. Exploring ideas of the individual elements that make a neighborhood, to what makes a home, to the nature surrounding a neighborhood and the meaning of community students will create artworks using a variety of materials and artist processes ranging from drawing and sculpture to printmaking and collage. Students will form their own community through reflection on the communities they come from.  


Date: June 13th

Title of lesson: Oh The Places We Will Go


Objectives: Students will begin by constructing sketchbooks to record all of their ideas, thoughts, and processes. Students will then begin exploring what parts make up a neighborhood. Through the construction of a collaborative mural drawing students will design a map combining these parts to form the students’ version of an ideal neighborhood. Students will draw, collage, and cut paper forming buildings, roads, and landmarks.  


Theme: Maps

Media: Collaborative Mural made with paper and drawing supplies



Date: June 14th

Title of lesson: The Feel of Home


Objectives: Students will explore the idea of home through texture, color, and shapes. They will create fabric collages that resemble their home thinking about the architectural elements that compose a facade of a house.


Theme: Home

Media: Fabric Collage made with fabric swatches and glue



Date: June 15th

Title of lesson: The Nature Around Me


Objectives: Students will identify the types of nature found in their neighborhoods. Looking at images of nature, students will draw nature elements native to their home. Students will learn the process of monoprinting and create nature prints depicting the area surrounding their home. 


Theme: Nature 

Media: Monoprints with water soluble crayons on transparency and paper



Date: June 16th

Title of lesson: Building My Own Logo


Objectives: Looking at the ideas behind community slogans and logos, students will write a logo symbolizing their own community. Students will stencil this logo onto a miniature fence or bench that they will construct from wood. Students will learn how a community goal can create a positive impact among its residents.   


Theme: Community 

Media: Sculpture with wood, paint, and stencils



Date: June 17th

Title of lesson: Final Show


Objectives: Students will use this day to put finishing touches on all projects and get their work set up for display in the final art show. 

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