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Creation is Essential


“I think you are capable of intervening in history if you’re able to move fast-you can save lives.” -Barbara Trent, Activists Speak Out


Humans are made to create. It is vital for a person's well being. Without the means to be creative, we can't feel complete. Creation can bring about positive change, innovation, love and the ability to see the world in a different light. As creators, we have the ability to express what we believe and what we stand for, as well as intolerance of the norm.

As a child, I learned that the world is what it is and there is nothing I could do about it. I say this is unacceptable. It does not have to be this way. The hope that creativity brings to a person as well as their community can bring fuel to a fire of opportunities and change; but if the ability to create is lost, then that voice of a community is too quiet to hear.

I realized this past year that community and art are essential to my health and well-being. I learned that I needed to be in community with people and share life experiences, hope, love and creativity together. The relationship was a give and take; we learned and taught together. Hearing other perspectives about the world around me I was able to feel compassion for others. Art was not just about me any more, it was about something more. It was about experiencing life together.

As human beings we are not made to be alone, we work together as one to advocate change. Opening up and talking with community members helped me realize that even if we come from different backgrounds, we have similar beliefs and concerns about our surroundings as well as the same visions for our city, nation and the world.

Creating is what I do. My voice is heard through the art that I create. Without the arts, I would have not had the ability or privilege to succeed. From the beginning I have used my creativity to express my voice as well as survive in a world that I felt I did not belong. I was always asking myself, “Why? I don't understand." I don't like that I have to accept something that my heart feels is wrong.

My own art focuses on pure expression. The inspiration comes from life experiences with people and places. Art for me is a spiritual experience where I can be in another world. Art is my means of communication and voice, a whole other language that is my own. Sharing the creative experience with others is supernatural. Art moves beyond the physical world and taps into a whole other realm.


“My Identity is artist, I am artist. I do all that based on artist sensitivity and the vision.” -Lily Yeh, Activists Speak Out



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