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Complete mural viewed from across the street. The mural is located on a

concrete wall adjacent to Station North Thrift Store, a few blocks

south of North Avenue on 1400 Greenmount, Baltimore, Maryland. 


Mural@Station North Thrift Store

The purpose for the mural at Station North Thrift Store is to have a starting point to encourage community revitalization in the Station North Arts District area around the one thousand block of Greenmount. A mural was begun on a concrete wall adjacent to the store with a focus of youth in the area. The store and wall face several empty lots that have potential for a much needed community-focused green recreation space.


The mural image was begun by an artist with the theme of a train and was completed in three stages. First stage was to finish the train on the concrete wall and have the wall repaired. In the second stage, I facilitated youth attending the Station North Art Festival to paint a panel that will be attached to the train. In the third stage, Michelle Ava and I co-facilitated a group of volunteers to complete mural panels for the rest of the wall. Primarily the imagery was to be minimal in style on Medium Density Overlay (MDO) board panels.


These panels were bolted over the completed black silhouette of the mural as the “windows” of the train. This neighborhood created mural is an aesthetically pleasing point of beauty for pedestrians living in the neighborhood and motorists coming into the community.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.