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Geographies of value, 2011
New Image Gallery at James Madison University

Statement for “The Hand Your Dealt” exhibit:

I have the discriminating eyes of a geographer. In this work it is my intent to engage you in critically processing the meanings that correspond between text, object and form. Human, historical and economic geography examine value and the revaluation of place connections, the exploitation of primary resources and labor.

I was inspired by a two themes outlined for this How to Loose a Mountain project, ‘to examine the sources of our resources and the human sense of place on a changing planet.’ In this image, geographies of value, is a performance addressing the conspicuous diversity of both our earth’s surface and the rights of the land and people who assign its values. The value of resources depends on the culture of those who control them. Can we also interpret the written history of knowledge as situated events––from situated perspectives––privileging their own knowledge systems over the integrity of oral and physical-land narratives?

As a facilitator, I hope to impart that no body exists outside of its relationship to other bodies. As such, I hope to impart as a photographer, there is an importance to the specificity of image, text and objects and how they tootalk and perform.  
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.