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Scrolling down you can see a sampling of work done mostly while living in Baltimore. 


To view my most current work please visit, 


alexis.iammarino.com    or     alexisiammarinophotography.com








DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Play-Painting Dice, Spring 2012

wood cubes and acrylic paints, 3.5" x 3.5" each

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
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Visual and Physical Accounts

 of Individuals in Collaboration

 Second in a series entitled:

A model to honor the knowledge systems of individuals in partnership.


Digital video performances and installation

By Alexis Iammarino

August 2010-July 2011 and ongoing



                                            Alexis Iammarino

                                            Aran Keating

                                            Scott A. Sell

                                            Lily Susskind

                                            Bonnie Veronda



Woodwork executed in collaboration with John E. Alexander, Bonnie Alexander

                                                and with our family’s support.



Special Thanks to my Community Partners/ Participants,


Patterson Senior High School YMCAAdriane Lee Duff- Site Director,

                                                                    Mel Sturgis-co-facilitator, and

                                                                    Participating Youth 2010-2011.


Dr. Rayner Browne Academy YMCAColin “Butch” Nole - Site Director,

                                                                    Greg Branch -A Circle of Positive

                                                                    Black Men and Community Partner

                                                                    Anne Kotleba, MACA co-facilitator

                                                                    Natalie Tranelli- Liaison


MACA, Students and Faculty/Mentors 

 Community Arts Collaborative:  Frankie Gamber & Julie Lin

 The Liz Lerman Dance Exchange:      Dorothy Williams- former Partnerships Coordinator

                                                                    Wayles Stupor Haynes, co-facilitator Teen Exchange and                                                                     DX Staff/Company Members and Participating Teens                                                                           2010-2011.


Effervescent Dance Collective / Lumber Haus

Performers: Aran Keating, Scott A. Sell, Lily Susskind and Bonnie Veronda.


Brush Painting for,                         Ilunga Tresor




The practitioner/researcher cannot take for granted

whether or not she/he has an independent objective

reality.  Instead, I presuppose that there are and will

be differing and shifting conceptual frameworks that

evolve alongside the encounters I have with individuals

and groups in community.


Individuals in partnership may represent their own

individualism of or in correspondence with a/the community

in which they belong.


I am, my art is, a project of empowerment.




                                               Alexis Iammarino, July 2011

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Visual and Physical Representations of Individuals in Collaboration explores the process of defining a community arts practice that positions the sensibility of dance, arts related community organizing and consensus building.


No body exists outside of its relationship to other bodies and the powers and counter powers of society. To teach and be taught, lead and to be lead: actively reallocating power. The purpose is to get people in touch with the idea that we benefit from working together.


Projects explore collaborative art making and a methodology to develop participant’s skills in designing art-work/performance that will be executed by several individuals. The products represent this process through video documentation and in the form of interdisciplinary art.




Please follow this link to see the first in a series of actvities that will be executed for this project.

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User-uploaded Content

"Centering Humanity Exhibition"


Installment of gouache paintings, from the series A Model to Honor the Knowledge Systems Of Individuals in Partnership, in The Rosenburg Gallery, The Brown Center on MICA's campus in September.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.