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The Dance Exchange is hosting INSPIRE, a Youth Internship Program supported by Maryland Multi-cultural Youth Centers.  In this six-week summer intensive, participants will gain leadership skills, engage in the community and make art in the local environment.  This project is led by Wayles Haynes, the Youth Programs Coordinator and Lead Artist of the Teen Exchange at the Dance Exchange. I am a supporting artist offering workshops in art making, community engagement, video and photography


Photos is this gallery are from day one workshop in developing art making and designing activities for community engagement. Facilitation and photos by Alexis.

Inspire is a young adult internship program involving individual mentoring of participants as they develop skills in community engagement, project management, communications and movement based art-making.  This multi-layered project results in various outcomes from personal achievement to facilitating public discourse and art-making around shared spaces and ideas.  Participants will learn about the many facets of the Dance Exchange from artistry to administration and develop their own practice in how to engage a community around concept-based making. This will come in three main conduits; personal art-making, mentor observed group work and community engagement. ~

Wayles Haynes, Lead Artist and Adjunct Artist with the Dance Exchange

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Youth Arts Night at the Dance Exchange.


Teen Exchange hosted Youth artists at Dance Exchange to perform dance, song and poetry.
I have been working closely with Teen Exchange as a mentor / facilitator this year. 

Teens from Teen Exchange performed their own original choreography, and they also organized the event and invited the group's who performed.

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MOVING FEILD GUIDES, Patterson Park: Baltimore City

In this gallery are photographs taken during the development days for a field trip Anne Kotleba and I collaborated with Dance Exchange on.  Anne and I have been partnering at Dr. Rayner Browne Academy Elementary and Middle  since November.

I am an AmeriCorps Member with the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, so we've had this opportunity to work together with the Company to develop the first in a series of nature walks that will be using Dance and Scientific observation to connect urban youth to the natural environment. 
We worked with the YMCA of Central Maryland and with Greg Branch who is a community partner at Dr. Rayner Browne Academy Elementary and Middle.

For our field trip we after school sessions at Patterson Park* with Y program staff and dancers / naturalists (with The National Forest Service) with DC-based Liz Lerman Dance Exchange and educators form University of Baltimore.  We explored and connect to the natural environment through movement and art-making.

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Move It, Map It: Altered Map Workshop.

co-facilitated by myself and John Borstel, Humanities Director Liz Lerman Dance Exchange. 


  • Tell, reflect on, write about a personal story concerning a significant map experience.
  • Do a personal mapping experience by mapping on paper a life journey where you name 3,5, or 7 significant points.
  • Do a mapping experience focused on something(s) you use and where it comes from: Place of use/place of origin
  • Movement experience: think about a route you walk and walk someone through it
  • Turn the Room into a map with yarn, tape, felt color forms, rope, etc.
  • Group reflection: What are the purposes of a Map?
  • Group reflection: What do you NOT do with a map?
  • Group reflection: How are things represented on a map?
  • Show examples of Map-based art.
  • Make list of modes of alteration, with ideas about how to use art materials.
  • Choose one map from among the maps of uniform size.
  • Alter!!!
  • View, review, wrapup.
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Please follow this link to find the recent video documentation to a light / shadow workshop facilitated this month with Teen Exchange.

As well as this link to the Teen Exchange Tumblr and here for more information about this youth-lead modern dance group.




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Images in this gallery are from the creative convening workshop hosted by the Teen Exchange on Saturday December 11, 2010. 

Lead artist Wayles Haynes and I worked together to organize an all day workshop with the Teen X-change, at the Dance Exchange studio in Takoma Park.  Teens participated in art making, editing/shooting video for their TX website, dance improvisation and composition work and we worked together on designing and brainstorming plans for some of the collaborative garments that I have begun to explore in my Creative Project for MACA.


Please view the Teen Exchange's Tumblr for more images and updates.

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