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Dr. Rayner Browne Academy Travels to Dancers and families travel to Dance Exchange to Perform in Youth Arts Night. 


The group of young dancers performed original choreography by Mrs. Phyllis Savoy. Please see the "AmeriCorps site: Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, Takoma Park Fall 2010-Summer 2011" gallery for more pictures from the event.

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Carnival Photo Stand-In


This painting was designed and painted in collaboration with MA in
Community Arts (MACA) students, Alexis Iammarino, Anne Kotleba
and elementary Youth from Dr.Rayner Browne Academy enrolled
in YMCA of Central Maryland / BOOST Achievers after-school
Program. This “Carnival Photo Stand-In” will be displayed at the end
of the year carnival where youth and families can get their photo
taken “inside” the painting.

Anne and Alexis worked with the youth to generate the composition
of the piece using gestural and active human forms as the basis
for the imagery. The design was composed and laid out by MACA
students and with the help of the youth. This large painting provided
a means for broad participation from the Youth in the Y program.

This collaborative artwork also stands-in as a physical manifestation
to the richness of our friendships and creative energies, and the
photographs as portraits, will serve as a symbolic memento.

Photos taken at the Carnival will be printed, framed and gifted*
to the Youth and community partners. This gesture is intended
to celebrate our emerging partnerships with Dr. Rayner Browne
Academy, YMCA, Greg Branch of the Circle of Positive Black Men
and to recognize those established members, their families and
the community at large. The ‘Carnival Photo Stand-In’ will be given
to the School following this year’s carnival and can be used at the
carnival in subsequent years.



* Thanks to the generous support of the France Merrick CAP Special Projects Fund
from the MICA Student Affairs Community Service Fund.

Co-facilitators of Carnival Photo Stand-In:
MA in Community Arts candidate, Alexis Iammarino: community artist-in-residence
with The Liz Lerman Dance Exchange and currently partners with the YMCA of
Central Maryland, Patterson Senior High School and Dr. Rayner Browne Academy.

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Drawing relay races :Anne Kotleba and youth from Dr. Rayner Browne Elementary

Faciliation by Alexis and Anne, Photographs courtesy of Jessica Wyatt.

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