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I am an interdisciplinary artist and educator.

My art practice addresses the interaction of multiple contexts of 'being' in the communities and individuals with whom I collaborate. My teaching integrates themes of representational authority and the evaluation of bias in educational/philosophical frameworks.


I have worked as an artist/educator for the Bright StARTs art program at School 33 Art Center/BOPA in Baltimore, with artists of Dance Exchange on multiple projects with Baltimore City youth, and for the Society for Art Publications of the Americas at the Meridian Gallery in San Francisco.


I relocated to Midcoast Maine from Baltimore City, where I received my Master of Arts in Community Arts at the Maryland Institute College Art in 2011.


I am the Creative Arts Coodinator for the Wayfinder School's Camden campus. 


Since 2012, I have been an artist instructor for Rockland After-School Alliance, RASA  serving Rockland Public Schools. I am also the artist and mentor to high school artists and at Sweet Tree Arts, Community Arts Center in Hope Maine. 



I offer a free arts mentorship program for teens hosted every Saturday with materials and space provided by the Rockland Department of Recreation. This collaboration with the Rockland Rec. aims to create safe space, incubate creativity, and establish community-led arts leadership initiatives.




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.