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Sarah Edelsburg

Digication Portfolio

Masters of Arts in Community Arts (MACA)

Maryland Institute College of Art

June 2009 - July 2010



In this Digication Portfolio, you will find:

  • Sarah's bio, artist statement and resume. (Plus photos of her personal artwork) 
  • Information about Sarah's Community Artist Residency at The Club at Collington Square.
  • Information and photos of community projects from 2009 - 2010:

      1) Middle School Leadership Group at The Club

        2) Middle School Mylar Collages

        3) Adult Art Workshops at The Club

        4) Elementary School Shield Project

        5) Banners and Flags for Collington Square


  • Teaching portfolio documents:

          1)  A full social-justice themed curriculum

          2)  A case study written about teaching experiences from spring 2010

  • Contact information


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.