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Tell Me What You Believe In
“Words to Live By”

8th grade art students explored portraiture through drawing, writing and symbolism.  Their creative challenge was to create a self-portrait the not only captured their likeness but also through text tell the viewer what they believe in.  Finally for their background they studied the work of Jon Sarkin and Basil Seymour Davies – two artists who work with symbolic imagery.   Their final result was based on 3 mini units:


1.Drawing portraits to capture likeness in shape, form and detail. Students used  a mirror to study and draw their image from direct observation. They researched and practiced the proportions of the face & head and how those proportions and shapes changed when the head is turned in space  from frontal view to  ¾ or profile view. 
2.How do you draw with text to create shapes, lines and values? Students discovered that words can be written to create straight or curved lines, squished or bent to create a shape or condensed or spread out to create different values.
3.Lastly their background expressed their personal aesthetic and interests through their choice of media- chalk or oil pastel, water or acrylic paint, collage or mixed media. Students considered two different artist perspectives:  Jon Sarkin- impulsive and compulsive, or Basil Seymour Davies well planned and organized.  Each result is very different capturing, a students, likeness, aesthetic and beliefs and personality.
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Alter Ego Sculptures


8th grade artists used found objects to express their alter ego through scultpure.  Their focus was to show emotion and personality through 3 dimensional shape and form. Once their form was complete they used Adobe Photoshop to place their sculpture into a location.  Students worked under the direction of Mr. Reynolds, student intern from Towson University.


Mr. Reynolds example:  


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Holding the Impossible

8th grade classes were given the prompt "If you could hold anything in the world, what would you hold?".  In teams of three they took turns as model, photographer and lighting tech in order to create photographs of thier hands. Background images and objects that appear in thier hands were collected from various internet sources.   Using a variety of selection and editing tools within Adobe Photoshop they created their photomontages to convey the impossible. 

Their digital images were then used for thier final work of art created in thier choice of media- color pencil, acrylic painting or watercolor paint. Students explored various drawing skills and color theory in order to produce such fine reslults. 

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