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   On our last day, Duane asked the questions, "What will you let go of?" and "What will you try?"


    I will try to let go of:

*being too "teacher centered"

*being too judgmental of children's art

*some demonstrations (I'm not convinced that they should disappear especially in elementary school)


    I will try:

*to use the digication site as way of networking with my colleagues to increase communication and share ideas, resources, etc.

*to say "Yes" more often!

*to create a more holistic learning environment for my students

*to allow for more discovery learning in "micro labs"

*to provide more opportunitiesfor more children to share their art

* to connect the familiar with the unfamiliar and make art making more meaningful for students by asking myself constantly "Why would these children want to learn this?"

*to create and utilize more power points/technology for my lessons.

*to continue researching new artist mentors.

*to continue developing my skills as a painter.


   While trying to become less "teacher centered", I am finding this very difficult because it seems as though the children are too dependent on me. To

encourage students to become more independent, I am introducing the idea of a "budget" with my students. I have explained that with any budget, people have a limited amount and need to be careful not to "overspend". Next, I announce that each student is alloted 2 questions for me each class period. Just explaining this has made a difference! At the end of class, I praise students for being problem solvers and working independently.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.