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Andrew Watson Kirk

114 E 24th Street

Baltimore, MD 21218










M.A. in Teaching (MAT), Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), 2010

(in progress)


B.F.A. Painting (magna cum laude), Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), 2009


Professional Experience


Director's Assistant, MICA MA in Teaching program. 2008-2009


Graduate Research Assistant, MICA MA in Art Education Program, 2008


Teaching Assistant, Foundation Painting, MICA, 2007




Home, Ampersand International Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA


MICA Juried BFA/MAT Exhibition



MICA Juried Undergraduate Exhibition



Selections from Junior Independent Painting, MICA Fox 2 Gallery



MICA Juried BFA/MAT Exhibition



Marcella Louis Brenner Scholarship, 2009

Graduated Magna Cum Laude, 2009

Deans List, 2005-present.

MICA Study Abroad Travel Grant, 2007

MICA Foundation Departmental Recognition Award, 2006




Within painting, I am finding the boundaries between emotions and the people that carry them, and the spaces they occupy, both physically and psychologically.


I will be unencumbered with a burden of pedantically stating, which inevitably obfuscates a sense of feeling, and places the verbal over the visual.


Painting is about the visual revealing the visceral.




         Andrew Watson Kirk was born in Rochester, NY and raised in Cherry Hill, NJ, a suburb of Philadelphia. He moved to Baltimore in 2005 to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art, where he received a BFA in Painting in the spring of 2009. He was recently accepted into MICA's Master's of Arts in Teaching program, which he will complete in 2010. Mr. Kirk is looking forward to a fruitful relationship between painting and art education.


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